This one is a challenge.  Do not use hot water on diarrhea since often times the pet is sick and the diarrhea may contain blood or food dyes that may become a permanent stain if heated.  It has been our experience that diarrhea is best treated by a Certified Wool Care Specialist.

How to remove diarrhea stains from wool carpet.

1.  Using a nylon spatula or spoon, scoop up all of the solids possible and discard.

2. Apply a vinegar solution to the diarrhea spot using a spray bottle, being careful not to over wet the carpet. (Vinegar solution is 2/3 cup of cool water and 1/3 cup white vinegar.  Do not use wine or cider vinegar.) Using an absorbent white cotton towel, BLOT (do not rub) to absorb the diarrhea and the water.  Repeat this process until no more color is transferred into your towels. 

3. Moisten an absorbent white cotton towel with a WoolSafe approved spot cleaner and gently BLOT (do not rub) the carpet surface where the diarrhea occurred.

4. Perform a final blotting of the area by placing a clean absorbent white cotton towel over the affected area and standing on it.

5. Sprinkle absorb-it over the affected area.  Gently press the absorb-it into the affected area.

6. Allow the absorb-it to remain undisturbed overnight.

7. When dry, thoroughly vacuum the area to remove all of the absorb-it. If any discoloration remains, consult with your Certified Wool Care Specialist.

ALWAYS read and follow the care instructions and any warnings provided by the carpet manufacturer.  Wool carpet with certain dyes/finishes may require special treatment.  If in doubt, contact SHOWCASE CARPET CLEANERS for advice or service first.  NEVER PROCEED with any stain removal without knowing the exact nature of the stain involved.  NEVER USE any retail product to remove stains from your wool carpet without seeking the advice of the manufacturer or you could void your warranty. The information contained in this spotting guide is provided without any guarantee or warranty as to results. 
Proceed at your own risk.